Cristine & Alex travelled from overseas for their Isle of Mull elopement. Cristine loves the sea, while Alex is a ‘man of the woods’ — the Scottish island of Mull combined these two elements beautifully, making it the perfect setting for their elopement wedding. Being great nature-lovers they both wanted a natural, outdoor wedding ceremony that embraced the beauty of Scotland’s natural landscape and it’s incredible history.

      Cristine envisaged their ceremony in an ancient stone circle on the eve of midsummer. After scouring the internet, she found her ideal Stone Circle, a breathtakingly beautiful setting near a verdant sea shore and under the watchful eye of majestic trees and hills. The circle is thought to date back to the Bronze Age, and that powerful sense of ancient history combined with the peaceful location instilled an incredible atmosphere to their day. Cristine selected a bespoke dress by the wonderful Ukrainian designer Mywony Bridal with flowers by Wild Flower Workshop while Alex wore Walker Slater , which were all perfectly in harmony with the rustic Scottish setting.

      The weather in Scotland is notoriously changeable, even during the summer months. This particular day in June brought a mixture of sunshine and stormy showers that made for amazingly dramatic skies and it certainly added to the sense of spontaneity and adventure, which Cristine and Alex embraced to the full. We began by taking the scenic mile-long walk along the shores of Mull, past the ruins of a 15th century castle to the stone circle. Here, we were greeted by their celebrant, Ceci Alderton.

      Ceci created a beautifully personal ceremony that included many natural symbolic elements, such as fire and water, as well as a traditional Scottish hand-fasting. After the ceremony, we took some time to further explore the island together. It was the first elopement wedding that we’ve photographed on Mull, and we were struck by the rural, slow-paced island atmosphere, and the sense of getting away from it all—it felt a lot calmer and more peaceful than other more popular tourist locations, like Skye.

      In the afternoon the sun broke through the clouds and we headed down to the harbour at Fionnphort for a quick lunch of delicious locally sourced fish and chips. We then boarded a beautiful old Danish wooden sailing boat for a private boat tour around Mull and Iona. It was a wonderful day to see the islands from a different perspective and for Cristine and Alex to enjoy a peaceful moment together accompanied by just the wind and the waves. After a some Scottish cream tea (scones, clotted cream and jam), they enjoyed a first dance on deck to David Bowie, with just us, the skipper and some seagulls looking-on.

      As the sun went down and the evening closed-in we returned to the harbour, and left Cristine and Alex to enjoy a romantic meal for two at The Ninth Wave—a restaurant that uses the croft’s home grown produce, fresh-caught seafood and local organic meats. It was a wonderful way to end what had been an incredibly special day; a day that Cristine and Alex had crafted just for themselves, and incorporating all the things that they love and find inspiring.

      If we were to offer one piece of advice to couples planning a Scottish elopement wedding, it would be this: put together a list of all the things that make you your happiest (as individuals and as a couple) and all the experiences that you have most enjoyed together…and then devise an elopement that includes as many of these things as possible! This way, when your wedding anniversary comes round each year, you will look back on it as a joyful, happy day that was completely ‘you’.


      Ookaaaay. Dying to get to Scotland now! These are incredible. What a perfect day!

      HOLY GORGEOUS!!!! Everything about this is blowing my mind!!! WOW WOW WOW!!! I can only imagine how in love they are with the way you captured them, their love and their elopement. Your work is just stunning.

      WOW! These are absolutely gorgeous!! I am in love with their outfits, and there couldn’t have been a more perfect Scotland location!

      Anna Bowser Clark

      I cannot get over how emotive and emotional this elopement is! I felt like I was watching my own little documentary! The wind, the motion, the landscapes all are just so surreal! I truly believe you captured Scotland love at its finest!

      I love all the details and I honestly FEEL everything I see

      Wowww. first of all, the portraits of this beautiful couple is. breathtaking. And secondly, I love how you incorporated landscape into these moments 🙂 wowza friend wowza

      Wow, I think I am speechless! This was documented SO beautifully! I feel like I just watched a movie, and the copy at the beginning felt like a journal entry in a book. Absolutely wonderful!

      WOW! What a spectacular day and couple! I love their outfits and her flowers were sublime! Great job capturing this perfect elopement. (Yes, even with rain, it still turned out perfectly.)

      Obsessed with the brides look!

      Wow! Scotland + Kin Folk Vibes = PURE MAGIC! Great elopement shoot! So touching how you deftly captured their emotions and love for each other in the moody green Scottish landscape.

      Dang this is a fairytale! What a beautiful place for an elopement!

      Wow. This Scotland elopement is beyond amazing. You captured the magic of their day with such passion and it truly shows through your work. And their outfits just fit their day and location so perfectly. What a beautiful day.

      Such an enchanting set of images! I love her dress. I love Scotland so much, and you captured their love and the landscape perfectly!

      I mean this is what dream elopements are made of. Incredible details, location and emotion captured in such a unique emotive way.

      These are straight out of a fairytale. Wow. Your photos of their ceremony literally made me emotional. Beautiful job!!

      Ugh their outfits and florals and everything are so perfect!!

      OMG obsessed with the tones in this whole elopement! Your work is so beautiful!!

      Wow, these photos are all stunning! It makes me love Scotland even more than I already do! What a beautiful day!

      Oh; you guys. I cannot get over how breathtakingly beautiful this elopement is. You’ve captured Scotland in all its stunning glory, and I am obsessed with the florals here and the ring holder! Gorgeous, gorgeous work.

      I love their choice of outfits and the moody vibe of the Scottish wedding day!

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