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      Invest in your Creativity, your Craft & your Business

      For photographers, wherever you are in your life, in your creative journey and in growing your business this is for you!

      Maybe you’re just starting out in the elopement photography industry and are feeling a little overwhelmed and lost? Or maybe you’re a seasoned wedding photographer looking to transition from large-scale weddings into small weddings and elopements, and are wondering how to successfully pivot your business? Or maybe you’re a seasoned elopement photographer feeling a little stuck in a rut, and in need of some fresh ideas and creative inspiration? We are here to help and support you as you move forwards on your creative journey.

      We shot our first wedding as a husband and wife team in the February of 2018. Over the past six years we have built a consistent £six-figure, internationally award-winning business specialising in elopements and small weddings. In 2022, we were named one of the Rising Stars of Wedding Photography by New York’s prestigious Rangefinder Magazine. Working as both elopement photographers and planners, we have photographed and planned over 250 full-day elopements and weddings. We would love to share our knowledge and experience with you, as you work at developing your business and your craft. Working together as a husband and wife team has also allowed us to pool over 40 years of professional experience from previous careers in the creative industries and in education and research, enriching our approach to running our business.

      Whether you’re new to the business of wedding and elopement photography, or are just seeking some fresh insights or professional support, our mentorship sessions will help you to find your path or revitalise your growth.


      This year we are invited speakers at:

      COCKTAIL THE CONV | Wedding convention for photographers and videographers, Toulouse, France (25–26 February 2024)
      CROSSROADS WORKSHOP | Workshop and residential retreat for wedding photographers, Przełom Bugu Park Krajobrazowy, Poland (15–18 April 2024)
      RISE-UP! MASTERCLASSES | Masterclasses and residential retreat for wedding (and elopement) photographers, Chamonix, France (18–22 November 2024)

      How can we help you thrive?

      1:1 mentorships

      What is mentorship? Mentorship is a professional relationship where, through encouragement and guidance, we help you find a path to where you want to be in your business and your craft.

      Sessions are personalised, prioritising your needs over any sort of fixed syllabus. We recognise that what works for one creative person doesn’t necessarily work for another, but we aim to empower you to discover your path, drawing from much reflection of our own experience and journey.

      We offer a safe space for you to discuss your aspirations and your concerns, helping to nurture your own accountability and confidence without judgement.

      Most mentorships will comprise:

      a 90 minute personalised mentorship session

      Open door to follow-up emails for an agreed period

      We can address needs across a broad range of areas that you request, but can also help you identify areas or questions you didn’t think or know to ask about. As we personalise a session for you, to make best use of the time, we’ll work with you to focus on the areas you identify as most important to you and your business. These may include:

      Starting up or pivoting to elopement photography
      (all aspects of business, from planning and managing a couple’s experience to financial considerations)

      Cinematic storytelling

      Composition and choice of kit

      Editing for the look you want
      (*Please note that we do not currently offer a preset, but we can help you to develop your own unique style and how to use LrC and other tools effectively)

      Portfolio review

      Marketing and SEO

      Community: integrity, authenticity and good community and business practice

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      Features & awards

      Rangefinder Rising Star

      Rangefinder Magazine's Rising Star of Wedding Photography

      We were surprised and delighted that New York Rangefinder Magazine has named us one of its 30 Rising Stars of wedding photography, one of the industry's top awards.