JJ and Tom’s relaxed and romantic Isle of Skye elopement wedding in Scotland was full of misty mountain romance! Their incredible autumn elopement shows why Skye must go down as one of the most amazing places in the world for a destination elopement wedding! Where else would you find such breath-taking views, such atmospheric light, such cool accommodation and world-renowned restaurants all packed into one small island?

      Read on to see the full story on JJ and Tom’s awesome day.

      When JJ and Tom’s wedding day dawned, the weather was wet, but they did not let this dampen their spirits! As they told us when we arrived at their cottage, misty, rainy, foggy days are their favourite kind of weather! They had rented a light and spacious cottage with peaceful sea views for their stay on the Isle of Skye. It was so calming to just sit and gaze out of the window and watch the weather-fronts roll-in. JJ and Tom had invited their two best friends to join them for a weekend-long house party, and their day began with coffee and a delicious delivery from the local bakery, before they began to get ready for their wedding day.

      JJ and Tom had chosen to get ready separately and then have a ‘first look’ moment in their cottage before heading out to embrace the weather and hike to their ceremony location. JJ had kept her outfit a secret in the run-up to their elopement day, and it was really fun to capture Tom’s super-sweet reaction to her amazing dress!

      JJ and Tom had chosen The Quiraing as their elopement ceremony location. It’s a place that looks incredible in all seasons and in all weather, but we especially love it when it’s shrouded in mist, giving it an extra mystical and romantic feel. The Quiraing is a popular tourist destination on Skye, but a short hike will take you to a variety of secluded wedding ceremony spots where you can exchange your vows in peace, except perhaps some friendly sheep!

      After their ceremony, it was time to warm-up over a hearty pub lunch. So we headed to The Dunvegan Hotel for some delicious soup and burgers, which definitely hit the spot! We find that it’s great to take a break in the middle of your elopement wedding day; eloping is hungry work and the chance to dry-out is always welcome if the weather is wet on your wedding day! We also find that weather-fronts usually pass-over quickly on the Isle of Skye. It’s relatively rare for the rain to set-in for an entire day, as proved to be the case with JJ and Tom’s elopement day! When we emerged from The Dunvegan, the rain had passed and the most beautiful sunset was developing!

      We find that for many couples who have planned a destination elopement wedding, the landscape that they have chosen is really important, and the landscape often looks at its best in sunset light. Sunset times in Scotland vary greatly throughout the year and the aspect of where the sun sets changes throughout the seasons too. We always check-out where the best sunset spots are going to be on each couple’s elopement wedding day, so that we can take you to the places that will get the most atmospheric sunset light, and the best photos!

      If couples are inviting friends or family to join them on their elopement wedding day, we always recommend carving-out some time for just the two of you in your day. It’s really important to have this space to enjoy the moment, absorb the amazing landscape that you have chosen as the backdrop of your day, to be present with each other and to let that ‘just married’ feeling sink-in. The Isle of Skye has so many beautiful places to explore, we always enjoy taking our couples to our favourite off-the-beaten-track spots so that they can enrich their wedding day experience and create amazing memories to look back on for years to come!

      After the sun had dipped behind the hills, JJ and Tom rejoined their friends for their evening celebrations. They had been lucky enough to secure a table at The Ferry Inn (a small, family-run restaurant and hotel which only offers a limited number of tables each night, and these are snapped-up well in advance!) So we left JJ and their friends here to toast their wedding, enjoy some well-earned dinner and party the night away.


      Kind Words from JJ & Tom:

      “I can’t recommend The Caryl’s enough. Even before we met them, we were in love with their style but once we met, we instantly knew that it couldn’t be anyone else. They helped us through the whole process, not just with the documents, but giving us several tips and recommendations about accommodation, suppliers and restaurants – and let me tell you, they were all perfect! We are not camera-confident people, and we always feel awkward when taking pictures. But the day of the elopement, The Caryls made everything so smooth and easy. Even if we had the craziest Scottish weather, it was the perfect day!”

      If you are interested in eloping on the Isle of Skye or are currently in the process of planning an Isle of Skye elopement wedding, do get in touch! We would love to hear from you!



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