Back in March, Alex and Tom travelled up from England to embark on an epic road trip across Scotland— taking in the Trossachs, the Highlands and the Isle of Skye. It was their first time visiting in this incredible country, and it was going to be a special experience in more ways than one! We caught-up with them in the Cairngorms, where we spent the weekend together in one of the small stone cottages at The Dell of Abernethy near Aviemore. This quiet, woodland setting could not be more perfect for a romantic getaway.

      We spent the afternoon exploring some of the most serenely beautiful landscapes that Scotland has to offer: mountains, Caledonian pine forests and peaceful lochs. In true Scottish fashion, we experienced four seasons in one day, snow showers, light rain and then a glorious evening by Loch An Eilein as the sun disappeared behind the hills.

      The following morning was crisp and bright. Things unfolded at their own pace, with breakfast at the cottage while Alex and Tom got ready for what was to be the highlight of their trip: their elopement in Glencoe. As we travelled cross country it became clear that the weather in the West Highlands was going to be challenging for an outdoor ceremony—wet, windy and utterly freezing! Having found a quiet loch-side spot sheltered by hills and forests, Alex and Tom had a humanist ceremony conducted by Ashton Easter, tying the knot in a traditional Scottish hand-fasting ceremony.

      Next year they will celebrate their marriage in a more traditional wedding ceremony with family and friends in Alex’s native Italy. But this Glencoe elopement was their gift to themselves, a day that they could plan completely their way. It was such an honour to be part of it.


      The Isle of Skye looks amazing! I’ve always wanted to get to Scotland.

      These images gave me all the feels! I love the way you edit – it’s moody without being overly dark! The intimacy of your images can truly be felt!

      such an incredible location for a shoot like this! Love everythingg about this!

      Oh my goodness this is so so so beautiful!

      This scenery is so beautiful!!!!

      Wow! These are so incredibly gorgeous! Makes me so excited to be visiting Scotland in a little less than a month!

      Ah – you should be! Scotland is the most beautiful country – we know that you will love your visit!

      wow! lovely work! i love all the different types of light throughout the shoot.

      Thank you so much! Yes – Scotland’s ever-changing weather never fails to surprise…and inspire us!

      I love those two spots so much and you totally did justice to their love and Scotland’s crazy weather 🙂

      Haha – yes, it was a classic Scotland Four-Seasons-In-On-Day sort of day! And all the more beautiful for it…

      Unfolds like a beautiful story! Lovely work 🙏🏻

      Thank you! It’s really such a scenic setting… it would definitely lend itself to a film!

      Love this! The rain made is so much more romantic, and that little house?! I want to go stay there. looked so peaceful.

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