Kerry and Christopher’s intimate Perthshire wedding was filled with their love of nature, all-things slow and sustainable, and a deep respect for the environment. Their June wedding day dawn soft and warm, with a gentle breeze rippling across the meadows and making the wild flowers dance. Christopher and Kerry had chosen to celebrate their love in the rustic and scenic setting Guardswell Farm. Surrounded by the breathtaking natural beauty of the countryside, the couple chose to share this special day with just their closest friends and family, creating an intimate atmosphere that perfectly reflected their love for each other.

      Nestled amidst lush, rolling fields, Guardswell Farm provided the ideal venue for Christopher and Kerry’s rustic summer wedding. The couple’s love for nature and the outdoors was evident in every aspect of their celebration, from the verdant gardens where they exchanged their vows to the sprawling lawn where their guests enjoyed a day of festivities.

      Read on to see the full story of Kerry and Christopher’s beautiful wedding day…

      The day began with a sense of anticipation and nervous excitement as loved ones gathered in the tranquil surroundings of Guardswell Farm, one of our favourite small and intimate Perthshire wedding venues. The air was filled with laughter and joy as friends and family came together to witness Christopher and Kerry’s union. The couple’s decision to keep the guest list small allowed for an intimate and personal experience, ensuring that every moment was shared with those who held a special place in their hearts.

      Kerry and Christopher had chosen to get ready separately on the morning of their wedding day, to heighten the sense of anticipation for their ‘first look’ moment, as Kerry and her bridal party arrived for their wedding ceremony. Christopher, a talented musician, wasted no time in getting into his wedding clothes, so finding that he had some time to kill before the ceremony started he played a few tunes on the guitar to steady his nerves, which echoed softly throughout the house, and really set the mood for the day.

      The ceremony took place in the gardens of Guardswell Farm, which enjoy commanding views over the rolling Perthshire landscape.  A rustic floral installation, inspired by wild flowers of the fields and hedgerows, provided the perfect backdrop for the couple to exchange their vows. As the summer sun cast a warm glow over their intimate gathering, Kerry and Christopher’s ceremony began. The heartfelt words they shared with each other resonated with everyone present, while Christopher’s father gave a lilting rendition of the song ‘Wild Mountain Thyme’, which was the perfect song choice for a Scottish wedding day!

      Following the ceremony, Kerry and Christopher stole away for some quiet time alone, while their guests continued the celebrations with some lighthearted ball games on the lawn. Laughter and friendly competition filled the air as guests enjoyed the perfect summer’s afternoon, basking in the warmth of the sun and the joy of the occasion. The easygoing and relaxed atmosphere of the day perfectly encapsulated Christopher and Kerry’s love for the outdoors and their desire to create a laid-back and enjoyable experience for their guests.

      As the afternoon turned to evening, the festivities transitioned to a delicious open-air feast on the lawn. A long, communal table was adorned with wildflowers and flickering candles creating a warm and intimate ambiance for guests to savour the sumptuous meal under the open sky. The menu featured an array of locally sourced, seasonal dishes, reflecting the couple’s commitment to supporting the surrounding community and embracing the flavours of the region.

      After dinner, as the summer light softened, Kerry and Christopher took a stroll in the fields about Guardswell Farm. There’s definitely something liberating about taking a little time away from your guests, to enjoy each other’s company, and allowing that ‘just married’ feeling to sink-in. They continued their walk back through Guardswell’s woodland area, where some twinkling lights provided a magical setting for their romantic and private ‘first dance’.

      Kerry and Christopher returned to Guardswell Farmhouse just as dinner was drawing to a close. For the children it was time for bed, but the older guests remained in the garden, and as the summer evening dew began to fall, they cosied-up around the fire-pit to end their memorable day with laughter and stories around the fire. It was a beautifully simple end to a rustic and beautiful wedding day.

      Christopher and Kerry’s rustic summer wedding at Guardswell Farm was a testament to the beauty of simplicity. Against the breathtaking backdrop of Perthshire’s rolling hills, their intimate celebration captured the essence of their relationship, reflecting their deep connection to nature, their commitment to each other, and their love for their friends and family.

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